Run The Edge is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in bringing health and fitness inspiration, training, motivation and success to the running community.


Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano founded Run The Edge in 2011 with the debut of their best-selling book, Running The Edge, and shortly found success in motivational speaking. Run The Edge migrated to the virtual community in 2014 with Level-Up Training Plans and Virtual Fitness Challenges.

The ultimate goal of Run The Edge is to help people around the world improve their fitness and overall well-being, and to encourage all levels of transformation and growth through community support. Together, we believe we can Make Fit Happen.


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Adam Goucher

Co-Founder / Official Nit Picker / Attention Deficit Executive

Hobbies: Running, Obsessive Home Construction, Cat Videos

Tim Catalano

Co-Founder/Head Stress Bucket / President of Puns

Hobbies: Running, Disc Golf, Cat Videos

Briana Boehmer
COO / New Kid On The Block / Technology Ninja

Hobbies: Triathlon, Coffee Drinking, Cat Videos


Virginia Furze
Graphic Design Legend / Director Of Sass / Shipping Sheriff

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Cat Videos


Emily Scraggs
Social Media Swashbuckler / Intern of Sass / Sneeze Stifler

Hobbies: Swimming, Cat Videos 

Cindy Edgar
Mayor of Human Resources / President of Parenting 

Hobbies: Hiking, Cat Videos

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