Run The Edge is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in bringing health and fitness inspiration, training, motivation and success to the running community.

Olympian Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano founded Run The Edge in 2011 with the debut of their best-selling book, Running The Edge. They soon found success in motivational speaking. In 2014, Run The Edge migrated to the virtual community with Level-Up Training Plans and Virtual Fitness Challenges.

The ultimate goal of Run The Edge is to help people around the world improve their fitness and overall well-being, and to encourage all levels of transformation and growth through community support. Together, we believe we can Make Fit Happen.

Our Mission

You belong here. Joining a Run The Edge event means joining a community of positive and passionate people. We welcome all ages, sizes, speeds, runners, walkers, joggers, and woggers, bikers, etc. Regardless of your fitness activity, we have a challenge for you!

All fitness levels are welcome. Everyone has their own fitness goals, so we have created challenges that can be conquered as an individual or as a team (teamwork makes the dream work, right!?).

This isn’t a competition. If these fitness challenges encourage you to take one more step than you otherwise would have, then you are a success and you are moving in the right direction.

Our Fitness Challenges

You came here with a desire for a challenge, right? Look no further than our fitness challenges! They’re built with you in mind so that you can stay motivated toward your goals and get fit on your time.

Our Team

Adam Goucher

Co-Founder / Official Nit Picker / Attention Deficit Executive

Hobbies: Running, Obsessive Home Construction, Cat Videos

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Tim Catalano

Co-Founder / Head Stress Bucket / President of Puns

Hobbies: Running, Disc Golf, Cat Videos

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Briana Boehmer

COO / Queen of Wizardry / Dreamer of Audacious Goals

Hobbies: Triathlon, Coffee Drinking, Cat Videos

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Pawel Osiczko

CTO / New Kid On The Block / Creator of Magic

Hobbies: All Things Fitness, Family, Cat Videos

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Mimi Otto

Content Marketing Manager / Token Startup Millennial / Marquise de Sarcasm

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Ballet, Reading, Cat Videos

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Taya Catalano

Chief Puppy / President of Belly Rubs / Official Treat Delegator

Hobbies: Bounding Through Grass, Smiling at Adam and Tim, Cat Videos

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