Amerithon FAQ


When does the amerithon challenge begin?

Amerithon begins whenever you decide to take on the challenge! Registration is open now here. Start today and become an Amerithoner!

is there a time frame for this challenge?

The ultimate challenge is to finish it in one year...but no, there isn't a deadline! Go at your own pace.

is there a limit to the number of team members allowed on one team?

Yes, the tracker limits teams to 8 members.

what am i allowed to count toward my mileage?

Miles tracked by fitness trackers (sync your FitBit or Garmin), miles tracked running, walking, biking, swimming, etc. Track whatever miles you feel comfortable tracking!

how does this challenge affect run the year 2017?

Miles tracked can be used for both challenges! OR if you want to track separately you can!

can i participate internationally?

Of course! Simply choose to participate internationally at registration to ensure your swag ships to the correct location. Geographic location does not influence your ability to participate in the virtual challenge.

how do i get $5 back?

Use our friend-get-friend system to get $5 back for every participant you refer.

when do i get access to my tracker account?

You get access to the mileage tracker as soon as you register!

why didn't i receive my confirmation email?

There’s a few reasons this could have happened. Email with your email address, first name and last name.