Find Your Running Name

We recently saw a facebook post from Simple Hydration creating funny and whimsical running names. We shared their post on our wall as did many other running pages including our friends at Distant Runners. We talked it over a bit and decided that it would be a fun joint venture between Run the Edge and Distant Runners to make our own version with even more great running names. Here is our creation:

Find your running name using the method described in the graphic or just pick a first and last name that best describes you as a runner. Then enter for a chance to win one of THREE SIGNED COPIES of “Running the Edge” by doing the following:

1. Take a picture of yourself and your new running name (wearing a name-tag, holding a sign, text over a running photo)
2. Post your picture on the facebook walls of both Run the Edge.
3. Extra credit will be given if you also make this your profile picture!