A Year of Change

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine starting on a journey January 1st to run or walk 2,017 miles in one year. How would that journey affect you? How would you transform from the beginning to the end? Would you reach the "finish line" on December 31st looking, feeling, thinking, being the exact same as the day you set out?

Odds are that by the time you complete your journey you will transform in many ways. Below are just four possible transformations you might embody in the next year:


By participating in the awesome #RTYfamily and community, you can't help but make some amazing new friends, meet and chat with inspirational go-getters, and rely on teammates to help get in those miles and push you to your limits. The challenge can be done solo or with a team of up to 4 people, and no matter how you take on the challenge you will experience companionship!

Healthy Fitness Habits:

The consistency needed to complete this journey will require you to incorporate daily exercise into your everyday schedule. After 365 days of consistent exercise, you will see your mind and body transform!

Weight Loss:

If it helps, be sure to take a before photo to see how the journey transforms you physically. Visual aids are one of the best ways to track your transformation!


Completing a challenge like this will make you believe in your personal strength to accomplish big things. It will help you overcome obstacles and help you find the strength in yourself to achieve the goals you set your mind to!

This year, the medal is symbolic of the transformational journey.

Your MOTIVATION medal will arrive at the beginning of the challenge. Keep it with this side out to represent the goal of 2,017 miles.

When you complete the challenge, spin the medal around so it becomes a FINISHER medal. Display it with pride!

When you complete the challenge, spin the medal around so it becomes a FINISHER medal. Display it with pride!

All 2017 medals will be sent at the beginning of the challenge. When it arrives in the mail, remember that it is a MOTIVATIONAL MEDAL designed to represent your health and fitness goals, and to keep you focused all year long. When you (or you and your team!) complete the challenge, flip the medal around and it will transform into a FINISHER MEDAL noting that you "Crushed" this challenge.

Make 2017 the year of health, fitness, and personal strength. Make it a year of transformation. Running or walking 2,017 miles in a single year might sound difficult, but believe us when we say “Anyone can do it!”

Transformation Tuesdays

This year we will be celebrating "Transformation Tuesdays" throughout the year. We will highlight some amazing people doing amazing things as they transform into better versions of themselves. Their stories will inspire, motivate, and offer examples of what can happen when we stick together, stick to our goals, and take on the Run The Year Challenge!


We want to hear about your experiences with the Run The Year Challenge. If you have a friend, family member, coworker, or have seen someone in the Facebook group that you think deserves a shoutout for their optimism, encouragement and positivity - nominate them below! We'll be posting Transformation Tuesday features throughout the year and can't wait to hear about your inspirations!

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