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You Belong Here. Yes, You!

Walker?  You’re in! 

Runner?  Welcome aboard!

Never gone more than a mile without stopping?  We want you here!

Trying to lose weight? Lose it with us!

Wanting a lifestyle change? Here it is!

Like to run with a sock puppet? OK…that is a little weird… but so are we! Welcome to the family. You belong here!

More than 125,000 people have joined a Run The Edge challenge to make exercise a part of their daily life!

Every Run The Edge challenge is easy to adapt to your own goals, abilities, and preferences.

—> Wanna bike, walk, swim, or pogo-stick instead of run? You got it!
—> Want to start slow, and share your challenge with a friend or family member? No problem!
—> Ready to push yourself, beat your times, and hit new personal bests? Join us!

FITportunity #1

Run The Year®

Run/Walk 2,019 Miles in 2019

  • If there were such a word as “bestest,” this would be THE BESTEST fitness challenge ever invented!
  • Try it solo AND/OR with a team of up to 5. Split miles any way you want between team members.

  • Follow your friends’ progress in the online tracker!

  • Increase your level of awesome by a factor of 10. Because this challenge can actually do that.

FITportunity #2

Amerithon Challenge

Exercise Across America

  • Stay motivated all year long to Run, Walk, Bike, Swim, etc. because it’s a game… and games are fun!
  • The custom tracker and amazing swag are only the beginning. (You should really click the “Learn More” button below.) 🙂
  • Be the one who inspires your friends and even strangers! You can divide the miles with a team of up to 8 people and STILL take the challenge solo… if you dare.
  • Puppy fur is proof there is a God. (This has nothing to do with the challenge but we wanted you to know how we feel about puppy fur.)

FIT"hug"portunity (the one and only ?)

Hug A Runner

Join Us On November 20th for G.O. H.A.R.D.

  • Share the sweat on November 20th for Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day (G.O. H.A.R.D.). This is a day for ALL RUNNERS/WALKERS to celebrate their fitness journey.
  • Send virtual hugs, give real hugs and sign up for our virtual running event that always raises money for a charity worth fighting for. In 2018 we upped the ante with the Hug A Runner 5K for $5K Challenge. Click “learn more” below to find out how you can win $500 just for completing 5K!
  • Hug A Runner every Wednesday because well…every day is a good day to Hug A Runner!
Awesome owners and best running friends I've met were from this group. Everyone has supported me in my journey so far. They are like family to me. RTY really helped me transform from a 300 pound couch potato into a running fool starting when I was 55 years old. RTY is my family now.
Scott Lithgow