What is a virtual challenge?

Run The Edge’s virtual challenges make getting into shape fun, motivating, and convenient. You can participate in our virtual challenges anywhere, at anytime, and with anyone. To complete the challenge, you can walk, run, hike, crawl, treadmill, etc.

How do virtual challenges work?

It’s easy! Each challenge requires you to register - after that you are given access to your mileage tracker, the private Facebook community, and receive all email updates from us. Any additional swag will be shipped after registration is complete.

Can anyone participate?

YES! Our participants come from all walks of life - age, size, shape, and ability varies. Our challenges can also be completed on a team - divide miles and complete the challenge with friends, family, coworkers, even strangers!

How do I participate?

Our virtual challenges require you to perform physical activity on your own time. We ask you to log as many miles as you can without wheels (walking, running, wogging, whatever works best for you). The catch? Challenge yourself. Push yourself, your health and your fitness levels, and work toward a better you.

How long do I have to complete a virtual challenge?

It varies by challenge. The Run The Year challenge is a year long challenge but the Amerithon Challenge has no time limit.

How do I track my miles?

Each of our challenges has its own unique mileage tracker designed to keep the challenge fun and motivating, and to keep you on track. You can enter your miles manually or import your FitBit or Garmin miles with our auto sync features.

What if I can’t complete the challenge?

We understand - life happens, injuries happen, distractions happen. We encourage you to be proud of every mile you log in our challenges. Be proud of the steps you’re taking to better yourself. Every mile you log with us is an additional deposit in your bank of fitness.

What’s included?

Registration includes access to the private community and a personal mileage tracker.

How do I get a shirt, medal, or challenge pack?

All swag items are sold individually in our store, or available at the time of registration in "bundle" options. Registration alone does not include swag - it must be added unless you ordered a bundle.

Do you Ship Internationally?

YES!  Shipping outside of the United States takes a little longer and will cost more than domestic shipping, but we are happy to send your swag anywhere in the world!