10 Days of (Race) Giveaways

To celebrate the last 10 days of 2016 and to kickoff 2017 with motivation, encouragement, and celebration, we're giving away 10 race registrations to any race you want to do in 2017!

Starting Thursday, December 22nd, Run The Edge is giving away 10 FREE race registrations. We will be drawing one name per day from the form below. If you're a lucky winner, you will be gifted a FREE race registration from Run The Edge.

Why are we doing this?

Our friend, and current Run The Year 2016 participant, Jenna Powers, declared at the beginning of this month that she is running 40 races in 2017 to celebrate her 40th birthday. The best part? She announced she is also going to sponsor 40 other people to run races of their own. Starting January 2017 she will be donating "40 bibs" to runners and walkers to help encourage them on their fitness journey. Check out Jenna's blog "40 Bibs" to learn how to win one of her bibs.

We decided to support Jenna and to kick off her campaign with a bang so we are going to give away 10 bibs (race entries) to celebrate the end of 2016.

Winners will be able to pick any race in the world to sign up for, and Run The Edge will sponsor their registration.


What Is 40bibs? 

"The bib is a runner’s version of the superhero’s shield. It gives the runner power. It signifies someone strong and confident, even when the person underneath the shield doesn’t feel that way. This year I will don 40 shields; 40 bibs in 40 races, to celebrate strength and confidence in the face of turning 40. And I will also support 40 other racers with superhero shields of their own. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!"

- Jenna Powers via https://40bibs.com/


Winners Have been Selected!  

Visit Jenna's 40 Bibs page for more chances to win!

Lucky Winners:

December 22:  Renee Ramsey 
December 23: Tracy Hepworth
December 24: John Reed
December 25: Christina Branch
December 26:  Chris Kotolski
December 27: Yvonne Fields
December 28: Debi Lowry
December 29: Deena Beasley
December 30: Pamela Holwerda
December 31:  Josh Tanzer

All Winners have been selected and notified.  Thank you for all the support and have a happy 2017!