2023 July Streaker Challenge Registration

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What's Included In This Package?

  • This is a DIGITAL registration. You can add the optional Dog Tag Below.
  • Access to the Run The Edge Tracker - Track individual miles and earn badges for streaks of exercise!
  • Invite to private Facebook group
  • Entry into up to six drawings for awesome prizes! (If you earn all 6 badges you will be in ALL 6 drawings!)

Each Badge Represents An Actual Holiday In May! 

Believe it or not, each of these silly holidays actually exists and happen in the month of March so you have extra reasons to celebrate!

      • Streak for 4 days - Earn the Sidewalk Egg Frying Day badge and one chance to win!
      • Streak for 7 days - Earn the Chocolate Day badge and two chances to win!
      • Streak for 15 days - Earn the Cow Appreciation Day badge and 3 chances to win!
      • Streak for 20 days - Earn the Moon Day badge and four chances to win!
      • Streak for 27 days - Earn the Take Your Houseplants For A Walk Day badge and five chances to win!
      • Streak for 31 days - Earn the National Avocado Day badge and six chance to win!