Run The Year 2017 is a fitness challenge to run or walk 2,017 miles in the year 2017!
Stay motivated this year with a community of like-minded people who will encourage you and keep you moving all year long!

You can complete all 2,017 miles individually or divide the miles with a team of up to 4 people and conquer the challenge together!

We provide different month-long challenges and milestones every 100 miles to help you stay motivated along the way!

Don’t worry about how to keep track of all those miles!

We make it easy to manage with our online Mileage Tracker! You can access it from your phone, tablet, or computer, and easily know your total, your team’s total, and when you’ll earn the next milestone bib! You can manually enter your miles or sync with Garmin or Fitbit.

Do you know about the 12 Monthly Challenges?

We know a year is a long time, so we added a different challenge each month for year-long motivation! These challenges are included in registration! Check out all 12 Monthly Challenges below:

  • January – Just Log It Challenge
  • February – Get Your Butt in Gear Challenge
  • March – Chase Your Bliss Challenge
  • April – Monster Abs Challenge
  • May – Extra Mile Challenge
  • June – Four 5k’s Challenge
  • July – Summer Selfie Challenge
  • August – Yoga Stretch Challenge
  • September – Fuel Your Fitness Challenge
  • October – Flippin’ Fitness Challenge
  • November – Hug a Runner Challenge
  • December – Finish Strong Challenge

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