Run The Year 2018: What You Need To Know

Tens of thousands of participants are joining Run The Year 2018 and we are closing in on the final days before the challenge launches on January 1st. This includes thousands of brand new members! So with that, here is a little run down on WYNTK (What YOU Need To Know)!

Be A Part Of Our Mission

You belong here! Our mission statement at Run The Edge is:

  • Everyone Included
  • Everyone Challenged
  • Everyone Successful

We believe in this mission and want you to know that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your experience is, you have a home with the #RTYFamily!

As you embark on your 2018 journey, we ask you to make two New Year’s resolutions:

1) Work hard and consistently to reach your goals

2) Encourage and support others to reach theirs

This challenge is personal. It is not a race against others but an opportunity to achieve your own goals, whatever they may be. We have people of all ages, abilities, sizes, and backgrounds participating and each of us comes to this challenge with our own unique set of circumstances. If you follow the two resolutions above, you are almost certain to have a wonderful time!

Email Updates

We will be communicating updates regularly via email, so be sure to add us ( to your contacts once you register.

The New 2018 Mileage Tracker and Creating Teams

Your login credentials will be sent to you near the 1st of the year when the tracker is ready to open. At that time you will be able to create, join, and manage your teams as well as start entering your miles. 

The new 2018 tracker will give you the ability to “follow” other teams and individuals. This will allow you to support and encourage your fellow RTYers and/or set up friendly internal competitions amongst teams. 

For those of you who were in the 2017 challenge, we have some awesome new features you will really enjoy! 

Want to see for yourself? Check out our Tour of the 2018 Run The Year Tracker!!

What else is new?

This year we have added our Legacy Coins to the list of swag you get at registration. These will help you keep track of how many times you have “Run The Year” with us! 


Get It All Package-1.jpg

In addition to a new medal and tech shirt, we are also adding in an interactive poster as an offline way to track miles and see your progress.

As always, there will be our amazing Facebook community and the opportunity to win great prizes all year long.

Shipping and Gear

If you ordered gear at registration, we will be shipping it to your door at the beginning of January.

Join the Facebook Group

The Facebook group is open for you to join, but starting January 1st you’ll be able to start posting. Be sure to answer the questions, as lots of robots try to get in! ?

Tell Your Friends “I’m In”!

Help us spread the word about this challenge and inspire your friends and family members to take the challenge with you! 

Here is a link to the “I’m In” Facebook frame!

You can add this to your Facebook profile picture like Tim from Run The Edge did here:


Questions and Contacting Us

The Run The Edge FAQ will answer many questions, but if you still have questions for us, we are always available at:

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope that the RTY2018 Challenge is a fun and healthy experience for you. At Run The Edge, we put everything we’ve got into making sure you stay motivated, keep moving, and stay inspired all year long. 

Stay tuned for more email updates from us before the 2018 challenge starts! Remember to add us to your contacts:

Thank you again for your support!

– The Run The Edge Team