Run The Year 2017

2,017 Miles in 2017

Imagine yourself doing something BIG this year. Imagine making a New Year’s Resolution that lasts all year long and maybe even taking a friend with you on the journey. 

It might sound difficult at first, but believe us when we say, “ANYBODY CAN DO IT!”

**Registration Is Still Open! You can join anytime and easily enter all of your miles starting from January 1st.**

I have no idea how I found Run The Year - but I’m so glad I did! I love the ideals Run The Year stresses: community, inspiration, exercise, fitness, goal-setting, accomplishment.
— Gwyneth, 2016 participant

You Can Do it

We Can Help

This virtual fitness challenge is unlike any other challenge out there! It will motivate you, help you track your progress, keep you connected to teammates, give you a chance to win great prizes every week, and offer you a place in a community of like-minded people who will encourage, celebrate, and motivate you. What's most important, is that the Run The Year 2017 challenge will get you into great shape and keep you active as you run/walk 2,017 miles in a year.

Registration for Run The Year 2017 is still open and available. Sign up anytime to access your tracker and start your 2017 journey!


How to Run The Year

Run/Walk Individually, With a Partner, or on a Team


How It Works

Get Started Today

Step 1: Register

Each participant MUST register individually for Run The Year 2017. You will connect with partners and teams after registration! Registration is still open and available - there is no deadline to register.

Registration includes:

  1. Entry to the 12 Monthly Challenges hosted by Kara Goucher
  2. Access to the team and individual mileage tracker starting January 1st
  3. Entry to all weekly prize giveaways
  4. Membership to private Facebook group
  5. Many surprises throughout the year to keep you motivated, healthy, and on track. 

Add your swag at registration. Goodies available this year:

  1. Run The Year 2017 medal
  2. Monthly Challenge Poster
  3. Milestone Yearbook
  4. Run The Year 2017 Shirt

Step 2: Join The Community

Join Run The Year 2017's private Facebook group. There will be a link to the Facebook group in your registration confirmation.

Step 3: Log In To Mileage Tracker

Log into the Mileage Tracker starting January 1st to track your miles. The tracker makes it super fun to enter your miles manually or sync with Garmin and Fitbit. You can also create or join a team from inside the tracker starting January 1st. Earn Milestone Bibs and use the tracker on your computer or mobile device.

Step 4: Bask in Your Glory

When you (and your team) have completed this challenge you will have covered miles equal to 76.9 MARATHONS! You can’t help but be in the best shape of your life! Check out our FAQ Page for more information.


Track Your Miles All Year Long

Log into the Mileage Tracker

The mileage tracker is designed to help you keep track of individual and team miles all throughout the year 2017. Registered participants will receive log in information immediately after registration. The tracker makes it easy and fun to manually enter your miles and earn Milestone bibs. You can also use the optional sync with FitBit or Garmin. Inside the tracker you can create and manage teams, view milestone bibs, and participate in community forums. 

The tracker is accessible via computer, tablet and phone web browsers.


12 Monthly Challenges with Kara Goucher

Year Long Motivation with Olympian Kara Goucher

The goal of Run The Year 2017 is to keep participants active, healthy and engaged with their health and fitness all year long. This year we've enlisted Kara Goucher to host our new 12 Monthly Challenges. These challenges are exclusive to Run The Year 2017 participants and are included in registration!

Each month will have a different theme and a different goal, and will include monthly workout calendars and motivational emails. Commemorative pins to add to your Run The Year medal are also available for purchase in our store. Join two-time olympian Kara Goucher and enjoy constant motivation and inspiration! Check out the challenges below; opt in at registration

  • January - Just Log It Challenge
  • February - Get Your Butt in Gear Challenge
  • March - Chase Your Bliss Challenge
  • April - Monster Abs Challenge
  • May - Extra Mile Challenge
  • June - Four 5k's Challenge
  • July - Summer Selfie Challenge
  • August - Yoga Stretch Challenge
  • September - Fuel Your Fitness Challenge
  • October - Flippin' Fitness Challenge
  • November - Hug a Runner Challenge
  • December - Finish Strong Challenge

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What’s a virtual challenge without Race Day Bibs?

This is the official “I’m In” bib for Run The Year 2017. Print it, share it, post it to Facebook. The key to keeping and achieving your goals is sharing with others. Tell everyone you know! 

To Share:

  1. Right-click on the “I’m In” bib. 
  2. Click “Download Linked Image” or “Save Image As”
  3. Print. Fill in your goal for 2017. Snap a picture.
  4. Share the image any way you want! Upload the image to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Email it. Tell us “I’m In”! Use the hashtags #runtheyear2017 and #rty2017!

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