Virtual Fitness Challenges
Get Fit. On Your Time.

What is a virtual challenge?

A virtual challenge is a fitness challenge that can be completed anywhere, at anytime, by anyone. Runners, walkers, cyclists and many others use virtual challenges as a way to stay motivated and accountable for their fitness goals. The best part is, you are not tied to a physical place — you can complete a national or international virtual challenge from your own hometown!

At Run The Edge, our virtual challenges are more than just running and walking challenges. Run The Year, Amerithon, and our monthly challenges include access to private, motivational communities, tools to track your mileage, and health and fitness material to help you on your journey.

We ensure that each of our challenges are unique, fun, inspirational, and customizable. At Run The Edge, the focus is on you. We want to help you achieve your goals.

What’s the difference between virtual challenges and virtual races?

Virtual races are a type of virtual challenge. In a virtual race, unlike in other types of virtual fitness challenges, you compete against others and against the clock. For example, you might sign up for a 5K virtual race like our Hug A Runner Virtual Race. After completing the run, you would upload your results before the deadline and be able to compare those results with other runners around the world.

Virtual races are usually much shorter than other virtual challenges. Running a 5K or 10K virtual race only takes 30 minutes or an hour for most runners, which is a much shorter time commitment than a 30-day or year-long virtual fitness challenge! But for many beginners, a short-distance virtual race is a great way to get started.

Our Virtual Challenges: Amerithon and Run The Year

Run The Edge hosts two flagship virtual challenges: Amerithon and Run The Year. Each of our virtual fitness challenges comes with its own private community for participants to communicate. Regardless of age, gender, skill level, experience, or goals, our participants are given a space to communicate with others, voice concerns or frustrations, and motivate others. When you join a Run The Edge virtual challenge, you join a family. Our motto is “EVERYONE INCLUDED, EVERYONE CHALLENGED, EVERYONE SUCCESSFUL.” You Belong Here!

Amerithon - our biggest virtual fitness challenge

The World’s Biggest Virtual Challenge


Accumulate miles as you VIRTUALLY run, walk, bike, swim, hike, elliptical or crawl across America. Complete the challenge without ever leaving your neighborhood.

Complete your miles individually or on a team of up to 8 people – get your friends involved!

No deadline for completion.

Open for registration anytime and from anywhere. Join today!

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge!


Walk, run, hike, or treadmill; get the miles anyway you like (on your feet). Try it solo or divide the miles with a team!

Imagine yourself doing something BIG in 2018. Imagine yourself doing something that will get you into the best shape of your life. Imagine making a New Years Resolution that lasts all year long. Imagine taking a friend with you on a journey to health, happiness, and achievement. Stop imagining and start doing! It might sound impossible, but believe us when we say — ANYBODY CAN DO IT!

Start your Run The Year 2018 journey today!