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Observations About Run The Year From Tony Garcia

Observations About Run The Year From Tony Garcia - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

As 2018 comes to an end, a lot of us are reflecting on the year and looking ahead to 2019. The Run The Year Challenge innately allows us to reflect and look forward at the same time. How many miles were covered, friends made and set-backs overcome? What will 2019 hold? What goals can be accomplished?

Sometimes we notice things about ourselves, our passions, and our community as we reflect and look forward. These observations can help to put things into perspective and keep us focused on what really matters to us. In today's digital age, social media makes it possible to share these observations and start a conversation that allows our peers to react to them, identify with them, or simply acknowledge our experience. Here are ten wise observations about our challenge from Tony Garcia, a veteran participant of Run The Year and an active, vocal member of our Facebook group that will inspire you to take on big goals in 2019 and beyond.


10 observations about RTY 2018:

1. It really isn’t about a number. And, few things you strive for should be tied to a numerical measurement.

2. It is a challenge. By definition, it is supposed to be difficult.

3. Furthermore, it is a personal challenge. Not a competition. Everybody wins. Nobody loses.

4. On that same note. You are not “behind”. You are where you are. Tomorrow you will be somewhere beyond that. Even if it is a single step forward.

5. It is a celebration. Of health, fitness, wellness, goals achieved, milestones reached. It is a celebration of you.

6. Although many miles are earned through racing. It is not a race. Stop worrying. No one can steal your finish line.

7. If it were a race, it would be the ultimate ultra. Requiring patience, rest breaks, and discipline. Don’t be in such a hurry. Give yourself a break. Motivation alone is not fuel enough. We have a long way to go.

8. You would not give up so easily on a friend, a child, a loved one. Do not be so easy to give up on yourself.

9. You belong here. End of discussion. Stop questioning it. Stop discounting your achievements. Your story matters. Share it. We are made better for it.

10. We are one group with one common goal, and yet, each of us must choose our own path to get there. However, we are blessed not to have to walk it alone. ~G

Tony has been a steady and encouraging voice within our online community through his gently candid posts and thoughtful poetry. His prose as well as his pithy verses encourage the Run The Year group members to reflect on their own relationship with running, fitness, and motivation. Though he has been running for fifteen years, Tony turns to the Run The Year community for unique form of support that can only be found there. As a Colorado resident, father of four amazing children, and teacher of 27 years, he has qualified for and run the Boston Marathon four times and is preparing for a fifth in 2019. When he is not inspiring (or being inspired) Tony is working on his newest book, which will be his third published work of poetry. The other two compilations, "Wanna Know a Truth?: A Simple Man's Search for the Truths in His Life" and "Whispers from My Heart: Learning to Quiet the Noise," provide further inspiration for runners both in the group and in the wider world. Tony says, "This community is my daily source of inspiration to be a better version of myself. Their stories move me, inspire me, and have changed my life." The feeling is mutual, Tony! Thanks for inspiring us to Run The Edge.

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