Your Fitness Challenges Live in the RTE Mileage Tracker

Run The Edge Mileage Tracker

What is the RTE Mileage Tracker?

Cover the miles your way

To be more accessible to all, participants can now run, walk, bike, swim, or even hopscotch their way across 2023 miles. If you want to run/walk, nothing changes! BUT if you would like to bike, swim, or mooove the year, you can tell the tracker to keep a tally of those miles!

Teams of up to 100

We’ve upped the limit on team sizes…wayyyy up! Want to form a team with 10 people? Do it! 20? Good to go! 100?! Hey, it's your challenge! Now that you can have as many people as you want on your team, you can double, triple, or even 10x your miles, getting new badges for every time you hit another 2023 miles.

Private RTY community on new RTE platform

 We've built you a new community platform to connect with other participants! This community is free from ads, noise, and all other nonsense so you can be fully vested in your RTY journey, congratulate each other on achievements, find a team, and ask for recommendations.

Watch the RTE tracker in action