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10 May Wishes Just For You

10 May Wishes Just For You - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

We recently sent this message to our Run The Year participants and felt it was worthwhile to put out to the rest of the world. Read on for a few May Wishes from US to YOU...

May is finally here and optimism is in full bloom! No matter how many miles you have completed so far, this is the perfect moment to examine your mindset and focus on the opportunity to really get moving heading into the summer.

Think of each day and each mile as an opportunity to add to your personal bank of fitness. Commit this month to getting in some great miles and really enjoying the process of moving and giving your body the gift of fitness.

Here are 10 May wishes straight from our hearts to yours:

  1. May you take the time each day to be thankful for each mile traveled.
  2. May you find balance in your busy life between work, play, family time, and YOU time.
  3. May you inspire others through your actions, dedication, and determination.
  4. May you take the time to celebrate others’ accomplishments and support those who need an extra boost.
  5. May you fuel your body with what it needs to stay strong and vibrant, allowing it to take you where you want to go.
  6. May you feel the support of your family, friends, and community as you work to achieve your goals.
  7. May you make habits out of what is important and let go of what is non-essential.
  8. May you awake each day with a purpose and a goal no matter how simple.
  9. May you empathize with those less fortunate and lend them a hand when possible.
  10. May you find beauty and grace in the simplicity of movement, heartbeat, and breath.

And one extra May wish from the classic Irish blessing:

“May the roads rise to meet you. May the wind be constantly at your back.”

Happy May,

The Run The Edge Team

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