Authenticity + Community = Results

Some of our amazing Run The Year participants, photo courtesy of Regina Henderson 

"For a lot of us, our jobs are very unhealthy and isolating. How do we escape that isolation and develop an authentic tribe focused on health and fun?" — Julie Hinson

Find The People Who Hold You Accountable

Tribe. Community. Squad. Call it what you want, but we’re all searching for “our people.” That friend who lifts you up by tagging you in every inspirational Instagram post they see. Or the one you can trust to tell you the truth (like giving you a kick in the butt when you’ve skipped too many workouts).

Our network of supporters plays a critical role in our success because they hold us accountable for reaching our goals. They want to see us succeed. But where do we find them?

For our community, it all starts with a shared activity, a common struggle, and a desire for a meaningful experience. Each person’s journey is personal. Each year brings a unique set of ups and downs, victories, and defeats. But the community is consistent. It is solid as a rock, ready to celebrate or console, encourage or entertain, depending on what you need that day.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Thigpen

Staying True To Yourself Through Your Fitness Journey

It can be hard to be nice to yourself when creating a fitness goal, especially if your reason for making it is to change something about yourself or your lifestyle. Whatever the reason is for starting, it’s important to remember that you are amazing, and ultimately you are trying to be your best self—not a different person.

That’s where your community of supporters matters the most. You want people around you who understand the real you and why you’re pursuing more fitness in the first place.

We welcome the shy folks, the goofballs, the serious athletes, and the excited newbies. We want you to be here to join the conversation and encourage others to get out there and earn some miles!

Kylie Neuhaus.jpg
Photo courtesy of Kylie Neuhaus

Make It Fun

Never underestimate the power of having fun. Isn’t that—even in the slightest way—why you’re doing this whole thing? If you’re having fun then you’re more likely to keep going and achieve your goals.

We strive to make your fitness journey fun in every aspect of the challenge. For example, our mileage tracker will not only show you and your team’s progress, it will also motivate you with a pop-up celebration when you reach each milestone. We might even have some secret (wink wink) surprise challenges throughout the year. And you better believe when you post your progress in the Facebook group, you’ll feel squishy inside realizing how many awesome people are out there cheering for you.

So what are you waiting for?
Bring your authentic self, and let’s tackle this challenge together!