Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 5: Perseverance Un-Canceled – Run The Edge®

Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 5: Perseverance Un-Canceled

Un-Canceled Project 2 Week 5: Perseverance Un-Canceled - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

Welcome to Week 5 of the Un-Canceled Project 2, Run The Edge’s free virtual challenge series that allows everyone to safely complete their canceled races, meetups, and events! In case you missed it, you can read about the last weeks’ themes  here


We all, as walkers, runners, and exercisers, know the importance of this week’s un-cancelable human quality: Perseverance. Every single one of us has faced moments where we wanted to give up and stop chasing our goals, but we didn’t. We persevered. We knew that no matter how difficult it felt to keep going, the end goal was worth it. Perseverance is not only the ability to keep going through the difficulty, but also the strength to stay on course when you would otherwise waver. It is a quality on which we draw heavily to withstand the trials of life, and it will allow us to not only survive the challenges, but also learn, grow, and evolve from them. This week, share the obstacles you have overcome. Post about how you have kept going even when things were difficult or how you are getting through this current crisis.

Seeing how much everyone is putting into our challenges is what keeps us going, and we at Run The Edge promise to persevere through even the most chaotic of times to bring you the best virtual challenges we can!


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