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FitLife in September

September is filled with new challenges for you to tackle! Each month we have a themed series, a few wacky challenges, our now incredibly popular Face The Music Series, and the never-ever-will-go-away Boring Series. Read on to see what you can fill your fitness plate up with in the month of September!

Impact Series

We all possess tremendous power to make an impact in the lives of others. The Impact series is all about finding ways in your life, no matter how small, that can impact other people. You can make an impact with a simple compliment, a phone call to check in on an old friend, a small donation to a charity, or just a smile and a wave to a stranger passing by. Take on this challenge series with events from 5K to Ultra-Marathon!

Your Refrigerator Is Running Series

This is a just-for-fun series that lets you share what’s in your fridge with the rest of the world! You can choose to share actual photos of what you have in your fridge with the custom bibs link, or just keep it to yourself because… gross!

Walk This Way Challenge Series

This series was created with walkers in mind but runners are welcome too! It is completely silly and has no purpose other than to have some fun and get in some miles. See how many of these badges you can add to your trophy case! Choose from 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 miles.

Face The Music Series

To finish a face the music challenge your goal is to make it through a playlist we've created just for you! This month's themes are: Hip Hop, Video Game Soundtracks, and Classical. Can you face the music?!

The Boring Series

These events are not your high-status, brand-name distances. They are about as exciting as your daily multi-vitamin: they’re probably good for you, but they are so hard to swallow.

The distances in this series may lack the pomp and circumstance of those fancy “5Ks” or “Half Marathons,” but they will always be here for you. In fact, they are so boring and stable that we will never change them! If you have the moxie to complete each one of these distances, then you’re probably the kind of person who can fall asleep at a New Year’s Eve party!

The good news is that boring miles are just as healthy as exciting miles. So celebrate the boredom and earn these badges whenever you just need an excuse to get out and move!


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