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Unlimited Fitness Challenges in a One-of-a-Kind Community

Sign up for FitLife and gain access to a wide range of virtual fitness challenges that you can schedule and complete as often as you want. Earn your miles by walking or running the distances for the challenges you choose on the days you select. This Project exposes you to different distances, mindful exercise, and connects you to an online community also taking on the challenges!

What do you get when you become a FitLife Member?

• New challenges every month

• Access to FitLife Tracker

• Membership to FitLife Facebook Group

• Native messaging in FitLife Stream to connect to other participants

• Custom virtual Journal and Brag Board in tracker

• Exclusive discounts and the chance to win prizes from our partners

• Excellent customer care from our devoted team

• Infinite fun and motivation!

What's Happening In December

December is always a big month and the menu for FitLife is no different! We've loaded up December with the most options for your fitness enjoyment to date! Get festive with the Holiday Series, Lame Gift Guide Series, and December Around The World Series. Learn and expand your intellectual horizons with our Podcast Discovery Series and get inspired by this month's main theme — Hope.

We have also released an all-new series that allows you to upload your real-life races to the tracker with custom bibs! There is so much to do in December, you will be motivated all month long!

The Full December Line-Up

*Hope Series*

The Hope Series is all about the power of forward-thinking and cultivating a growth mindset by reflecting on your past before moving on. Take on this challenge series with events from 5K to Ultra-Marathon!

*Holiday Series*

The Holiday Series aims to recognize all the celebrations centered at this time of the year, for when we celebrate in happiness and joy, we celebrate humanity. Distances range from 2.5-13.1 miles.

*Lame Gift Guide Series*

The Lame Gift Guide Series invites us all to revisit some classic gifts of choice in the "lame" category. Distance range from 2-20.2 miles.

*December Around The World Series*

The December Around The World Series explores unique celebrations you may never have heard of before, from a Giant Lantern Festival in the Philippines to an invitation to Hide Your Broom in Norway. You will see it all from the comfort of your own home while racking up some miles. So venture forth and stay fit! Distances range from 1.5-8 miles.

*Podcast Discovery Challenge Series*

Taking the time out of your day to exercise may seem like enough of a task. It isn't an experience that should require too much thought. However, the ancient saying "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" means "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" to us modern humans. The Podcast Discovery Series is designed to let you sample podcasts (audio shows delivered via the Internet) that will open your mind to a wide range of topics. Before you know it, you will already be looking forward to your next discovery activity!

*Face The Music Series*

Expose yourself to some questionable music all in the name of fitness!

*In Real Life (IRL) Series*

We understand that every now and then you may be inspired to sign up for a race. It may be a local 5K, the Boston Marathon, or a charity run. No matter what event you wish to attend, the IRL Race Series has you covered.

What really makes this series special is that if you attach a picture of your race bib to your registration, we will use that bib on your calendar! That's right, your actual bib will be shown! 

*The Generic and Boring Series*

It's here. It's boring. Get used to it. If none of the exciting options above work for you, then you can always bore yourself mile after mile to earn one of these.

See What Our Participants Are Saying

"Run The Edge, Wow, what can I say about this amazing company that most people don’t already know? It brought a huge amount of people together during a chaotic, quarantined times. Their creative, energetic and fun way of encouraging fitness in a time when most people were sitting around their homes, not knowing what to do to stay active was just mind blowing. I am so grateful that they are continuing forward with amazing programs to encourage ever level of fitness. I met so many amazing people on the same journey as myself. The great part about this program is you can participate without being active socially like I am this year or you can be a team leader, always chatting and posting things to encourage others. Everybody’s welcomed and everybody feels welcomed!"
- Lisa

“As someone getting back into walking/running, FitLife has been great. There are challenges for all skill levels and the great names make you want to complete the entire series. This helps make staying accountable to yourself fun. Connecting with others is a great bonus to FitLife. Making friends to "compete" with and experienced runners offer great recommendations/advice. There is something for everyone who wants to improve their walking or running regimen in FitLife. Try it, you won't like it -- you'll love it!”
- Mary E.

"I signed up for FitLife to keep myself motivated to complete the challenges and series. Sometimes I forget to check my calendar and find that all of a sudden I have three "bibs" waiting for me. Love the pop-up and the fact that I can schedule anything from a lazy mile to a strong marathon - Thank you for providing me with a tool that I can use for any activity - allowing me to stay with it no matter what."
- Rebecca

Tell Me More About The December Challenges

We believe that a FitLife begins with movement, but why stop there? We can improve our emotional and mental health right along with our physical fitness. Monthly themes are designed to do just that! 

* Hope Series -Each month, there will be a main theme designed to provide an opportunity to reflect and grow. These themes aim to add a dash of emotional and mental fitness to your physical activities.

* Holiday, Lame Gift Guide, December Around The World, and Podcast Discovery Series - Earn these diverse bibs and add them to your trophy case. Sometimes even something silly can get you moving!

* IRL Series -NEW! We felt it was time to celebrate your "In Real Life" events in the FitLife project. Upload the ACTUAL bib from an ACTUAL race and make your FitLife journey complete!

The bonus challenges are just for fun! You might complete a distance to earn a recipe, solve a riddle, or challenge yourself to keep moving for the duration of various playlists.

The idea is to create more reasons to move and make fitness a habit of a FitLife!

Currently FitLife challenges are meant for walking, running, hiking, strolling, treadmilling, ellipticaling, stair climbing, etc. Basically, non-motorized activities on two feet! As FitLife grows, we will be adding new challenges that will focus on other activity types. Stay tuned!

Tell Me More About FitLife!

The FitLife Project is the direct descendant of The Un-Canceled Project, a challenge series we created during the spring of 2020. Our intention was to combat the disappointment felt by the fitness community in the wake of so many canceled events by not only providing physical fitness challenges, but also presenting other positive aspects of life that cannot be canceled. These “un-cancelable” qualities showed us that virtual challenges have the power to motivate us to improve not only our physical health, but also the fitness of our minds. We wanted to create an enduring challenge that also addressed the mental and emotional aspects of health. These are equally important, and go hand-in-hand with the concept of a “Fit Life.” Our mission is to infuse the physical challenges with intention, positivity, and fun in order to strengthen the mind right alongside the body!

We believe that leading a “Fit Life” (capital F capital L) is an ongoing endeavor. There will never be a time when we should stop striving to be a better version of ourselves, and that is a good thing! Fitness, whether physical or mental, is something that requires constant attention, evaluation, and maintenance. There will always be new goals to achieve and more skills to learn! Every single one of us can benefit from constant and consistent improvement, and that is exactly what The FitLife Project celebrates. Perfection is boring, improvement is rewarding!


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