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Spice up your gift exchange by giving year-long enjoyment through movement.

Our Run The Year gift cards are easy to give and use! Simply choose the amount you want on the gift card (do you want to get just the Run The Year registration? Registration and a shirt? Registration, a shirt, and a medal?!) and boom-to-the-pow, you have a delivered-to-their-door present! AND... Don't forget your giftee can take on the challenge solo or join YOU on a team!

Jan 1st - Dec 31st 2023

Challenge start

1-100 people

Team size

How to build the perfect gift...

From the person who doesn't need frillzzz or pizazzzz to the “gotta-have-it-all” person on your list, we have a gift card option to create the perfect gift!

Frequently asked questions

Still have a question for us about a gift card or challenge or really anything at all? No question is too big or too small, but please don’t ask us about putting pineapple on a pizza. You’ll just start an argument.

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  • Tell me about the RTY tracker I'm gifting!

    Every participant gets access to the tracker (see video) for both individual AND team miles! Updated for 2023, you can create teams of up to 100 and set HUGE goals of up to 10X the year (set your team goal in the tracker to be anywhere from 2023 - 20,230 miles!). You can track your own progress AND be on a team at the same time!

    Also new: cover the miles your way with settings that allow you to choose what activities count to get in the miles (bike the year, swim the year, just MOVE!). PLUS, we are launching a NEW custom private community app (we think you'll love it!).

    The tracker allows you to manually enter miles or sync with Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Strava. You also get access to our optional private Facebook community.

  • Tell me about the swag I can gift!

    You just need to see it...check out all the awesome swag in our RTY Merch Collection your giftee can buy with your generous card!

  • Give me ALL the details!

    Want to read all the nitty-gritty details about Run The Year? Check out the detailed Run The Year FAQ page here!

  • Tell me a joke!

    I got a 99¢ gift card...