30 Days. 12 Distances. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

For the month of June, join us as we take on The Hero’s Journey, a series of 12 quests following a protagonist, or hero, as they venture through myths, legends, and other narratives from June 1 to June 30, 2022.

Even if you haven't heard of 'The Hero's Journey', it's a story you've been exposed to more than you realize. It is the perfect framework for epic adventures, books, and movies. A well-known example is Star Wars (Luke is the only hope!).

There are twelve phases of The Hero’s Journey as the hero transitions from their own ordinary world into the unknown to complete a quest or mission to ultimately come back home. In our Hero's Journey you will have one month to complete 12 different distances (the quests, read more in our FAQ!), win prizes from our generous partners, and even win custom Hero's Journey swag of your choice. The distances range from 2 to 9 miles, and you can complete them by walking, running, biking, swimming, or any other form of exercise you choose. There is a suggested order to complete the quests to follow the trajectory of The Hero's Journey, but ultimately, you can complete your journey on your terms!

YES, our first Hero's Journey started June 1st. If you missed out never fear, we will be back for a second round in the fall!

Even More Details!

Learn more about our medal and digital badges below

The Hero's Journey Medal

With the Get It All package option, you will receive one Hero's Journey medal at the end of the challenge. This centerpiece of the medal opens up via a hinge to reveal a two-sided coin that can be worn as a pendant! (Chain included).

On one side of the coin, there is a dragon, representing the dragons you slayed during the challenge, while the other side has a quote, "Remember What You're Capable Of" to remind yourself of how far you have come since the beginning of the challenge.

Gif of The Hero's Journey Metal

Digital Shields

For each quest you complete, you will receive a digital shield in your Tracker, similar to a bib that you would receive for a race. Each shield comes with the option to upload your own photo to make your own unique shield!

Each shield has a unique image to represent that stage of the journey and they will pop up in your Tracker when the quest is completed.

I Have Questions! Tell Me More...

Any and all exercise counts! You can walk, run, bike, swim, pogo stick...you name it! The idea is to MOVE for the mileage goal set for each quest.

A quest is simply a distance you need to cover for the day you schedule it. You will have 12 distances (quests) ranging from 2 to 9 miles that you need to complete in the 30 days of June. You can schedule them on whatever day you choose, BUT we will offer a suggested order that follows the path of the Hero's Journey!

We are glad you asked! The quests in YOUR story are:

Chapter 1

The Ordinary World 2 Miles

The Call to Adventure 4 Miles

The Refusal of the Call 3 Miles

Meeting with the Mentor 5 Miles

Chapter 2

Crossing the Threshold 6 Miles

Tests, Allies, and Enemies 8 Miles

Approach to the Innermost Cave 2 Miles

The Supreme Ordeal 5 Miles

Chapter 3

Seizing the Sword 3 Miles

The Road Back 6 Miles

Resurrection 9 Miles

Return with the Elixir 4 Miles

YES! You can repeat the same quest every day if you'd like! The goal is to get in all 12 quests that correspond to a specific distance, but if you want to repeat a quest you can!

Throughout the month of June, we will be drawing people randomly to win prizes both from our generous partners and from our custom store. If you win, you will receive a notification inside the tracker and/or via email! What can you win? Custom hoodies, mugs, shirts, and more + things like yummy cereal from our partner Seven Sundays!

Medals will ship at the end of the challenge the week of June 27th. YES, we do have a limited supply of medals so be sure to grab one before they are gone!


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