10 Days, 10 5K's, 10 Chances at $500!

Hug A Runner


Run or walk a 5K per day to have a chance at $500

For 10 days, starting November 11th, we give away $500 every day! You are eligible to win $500 when you run or walk 5K that day and enter it into our tracker. Every day we start fresh! Run or walk a 5K and you are entered to win another $500! BONUS: 100% of registration proceeds go to our featured charity Mind Over Mountains.

Nov 11 - Nov 20 2022

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What you get with each challenge

Community access
Community access

Share with others in your journey and stay motivated in your shared fitness goals!

Mileage tracker
Mileage tracker

One convenient place to see your fitness journey, statistics, fellow team members, and so much more.

Physical & digital swag
Physical & digital swag

Each challenge can include a variety of fun merch, from t-shirts, medals, digital badges to stickers.

How does it work?

  1. 1
    Set your personal goals

    Use our tracker app to help you stay motivated to complete a 5k per day.

  2. 2
    Earn a chance at $500 for 10 days

    Every day we start fresh! Run or walk a 5K and you are entered to win another $500!

  3. 3
    Proceeds will support charity

    100% of all registration proceeds from Hug A Runner will go to our featured charity Mind Over Mountains.

What our participants are saying

We are loving this challenge. It is helping each one of us push ourselves to wonderful limits physically & mentally and we appreciate it each day. Where can I send the cookies for you all. :-) Smiles for miles!

Catherine, first year participant

This is my 5th challenge, I’ve had several friends join this time, and everyone is so excited. I just wanted to say how absolutely awesome you all are!!

Kyle Bice, 4-year participant

The encouragement, motivation and constant positivity is why Run the Edge is my #1 running/walking/movement inspiring company that I follow, participate with and wrap myself up, proudly, in your swag. To the entire RTE team, thank you.

Deena Cota, 3-year participant

Mind Over Mountains, our 2022 charity partner

Every year we support a timely charity with funds raised through this challenge. In 2022 we will be supporting Mind Over Mountains, a mental health charity that brings therapy out into nature.

100% of all Hug A Runner 5k for $5k registration proceeds will be donated to Mind Over Mountains.

We think they do amazing work!

History of Hug A Runner

Tim and Adam came across a Facebook page titled “Hug A Cross Country Runner Day” way back in 2010. It was organized by a high school cross country runner to be on November 20th and the page was just overflowing with positivity. ⁠

“Hug A Cross Country Runner Day” was not happening again in 2011, so Tim and Adam decided to keep the date but change the idea to include ALL runners. They created G.O.H.A.R.D which stood for “Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day” and launched their very first virtual event on November 20th 2011 with the mission to raise 1,000,000 hugs. ⁠They then produced t-shirts and created several Facebook groups to promote the event. These groups prompted people to wear their running shoes to work or even don old bib numbers if they still had them. Tim and Adam encouraged people participating in G.O.H.A.R.D. to (with permission) hug the runners in their lives and perform random acts of kindness. To their surprise the event was picked up by blogs around the world and November 20th was recognized as “Hug A Runner Day” on many annual holiday lists.⁠

Over the years Hug A Runner Day has evolved, but the sentiment has stayed the same. The mission is to spread unity and levity throughout the running/walking community. We now raise and donate thousands of dollars to different charities each year with our “Hug A Runner 5K for $5K Challenge” where participants run or walk at least a 5k for 10 days in a row. Each day that they complete 5 kilometers, they are entered in a drawing for $500, so it’s a win-win for communities and individuals!⁠

Learn How To Hug A Runner

This handy tutorial will have you feeling confident in your hugging!

Learn How To Hug A Runner

This handy tutorial will have you feeling confident in your hugging!