Run The Year 2019 Has Begun!

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Run or Walk 2,019 Miles in 2019

One Registration Four Challenges

500 Miles

Earn your FIRST medal piece!

1000 Miles

Earn your SECOND medal piece!

1500 Miles

Earn your THIRD medal piece!

2019 Miles

Earn your FINISHER medal piece!

Conquer 1 or all 4 of these challenges in 2019

4 Medals in 1!

Earn a new finisher coin every 500 miles >>>> Start with your legacy coin as a sign of your commitment to run/walk YOUR year. Swap out the coin every 500 miles.
RTY and the people involved have changed my life in so many spectacular ways. I will be forever grateful for each new year and the adventures within
Tracie Searing

Tell me the essentials…

Tell me about the four challenges in one!

Run The Year® challenges you to run or walk 2,019 miles in the year 2019. The four challenges allow you to celebrate each 500 miles along the way. Earn your first medal piece when you complete the first challenge of 500 miles. Keep going all the way to 2019! Take the challenge with a team and encourage someone who has said “I can’t do that” to take on the year in bite sized pieces. You might complete 500 miles solo and 2019 with a team! It is YOUR year, and YOUR challenge. Let’s do this!

Tell me about the Tracker!

Every participant gets access to the tracker for both individual AND team miles! Completely new for 2019, the tracker has some amazing new features like team messaging and RTY FIT. You can track your own progress AND be on a team at the same time! The tracker allows you to manually enter miles or sync with Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava. You also get access to our private facebook community AND our newly released RTY FIT.  RTY FIT is an exclusive meet-up community built in our tracker for RTY members only.  Here is a Video Tour of the new Tracker:

Tell me about TEAMS

Teams are a great way to take the challenge with up to 5 people!

  1. Divide the miles anyway you like and conquer the challenge together. (Teams of max 5 people)
  2. Each team member should register individually. You do not need to specify that you are on a team when you register.
  3. When the tracker opens in January you will be able to create your team and invite your friends to join. The hardest part is coming up with an awesome team name!
  4. Here is a video that show you how it works.
  5. You can take the challenge individually AND be on a team at the same time. The tracker will keep track of your team and individual miles.
Tell me about the SWAG!
Run The Year 2019 Medal and Shirt Combo
Medal with 5th year coin in the locket spinner.
2019 Hi Quality Tech Shirts jpg
Commemorate your challenge with the official RTY 2019 Shirt!
4-in-1 Medal
Keep track of accomplishments along the way with this 4-in-1 medal. Earn a new coin every 500 miles!
Interactive Poster and Stickers
Track your Journey with 28 "Mini Quests" that make getting in the miles more fun!
Run The Year Legacy Coins
Earn one coin for each time you Run The Year with us!
2019 Tracker Coming Soon
Input your miles manually or sync with popular devices. Track your miles on a team AND as an individual!
Tell me a joke!

Q: What do you get when you run in front of a car?


Q: What do you get when you run behind a car?


Choose Your Challenge Package

From no-frills to all that glitters, we’ve got a package for you



  • Access to individual and team tracker
  • Free RTY 2019 Mileage Guide and plan to keep you on track
  • Invite to private Facebook group
  • Access to RTY FIT, an exclusive Run The Year meet-up community
  • Motivation and encouragement YEAR ROUND!

Fly solo, or bring your squad

You can take the Run The Year® challenge on your own
form a team of up to 5 people to divide the 2,019 miles
OR DO BOTH to complete the challenge with a team AND keep going solo.
You DON’T have to divide miles equally between teammates! Here are just a few ways your team could divvy up the miles:

A few things we should emphasize...

YES you can do this solo AND with a team!

Not sure where to find a team? Partner up with other Run The Year® members through our online community! Every single day, our runners and walkers post about their progress, share tips, and encourage each other to go the distance. ← If that’s not motivation, we don’t know what is (though Tim has a suspicion that it tastes like cookies).

Fun fact: Run The Year® teammates have been known to become real-life friends, go on vacation together, and even get married! No promises — except that you’re gonna have a good time.

Even more stuff...because who doesn't like more fun stuff?

We also have an interactive poster and sticker combo that will come with all Deluxe and Get It All packages. This is another fun way to stay motivated and track your miles during the year.

The Run The Edge Difference

*Compare us with other companies who do virtual challenges*

  1. We do not charge you ticketing or processing fees.
  2. We exchange shirts for free. No need to pay us extra for re-stocking or shipping. We just want you to have the right size.
  3. If your package is lost or damaged in the mail, we send you a new one at no extra charge.
  4. Our challenges last all year long and we support them all year long. You can always email us and get a timely reply.
  5. We are a small team of 5 but this is our passion! We love what we do and it shows. 🙂


Got a question? Run with it.

What’s Run The Year®️?

Run The Year® is a virtual fitness challenge to run or walk 2,019 miles in the year 2019 (that’s 5.5 miles a day, for our fellow math-challenged friends). You can tackle the challenge solo, or join a team to split the miles. Or do both! Our tracker will keep track of your solo journey AND your teams!

Do I have to live in the U.S. to participate or order challenge gear?

Nope! Everyone is welcome to register. We’re happy to ship internationally, as well as to all APO/FPO military addresses. If you have questions about your address, please Contact Us.

How do the teams work?

You can create a team of up to 5 people easily in our online tracker. First, every member of the team needs to register individually.

Next, choose a fearless Team Leader. The Fearless Leader needs to know every team member’s info, including name and email address.

Once everyone is registered, the Fearless Leader creates the team within the tracker.

This Video is of the 2018 Tracker But Team formation will be similar.

The tracker will keep track of your individual miles as well as your team’s miles. You can only be on one team at a time in the tracker. It’s very easy to switch to a new team, but once you leave a team, all of your miles will leave with you.

And nope — the 2,019 miles don’t have to be split evenly between teammates. You can divide them up however you want!

I registered, but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Help!

Ruh roh! It could have been swallowed by the Internet or placed in your spam folder (Gmail users should also double-check the “Promotions” tab).

If you can’t find your confirmation email, please send us an email at that includes your full name and email address. We’ll help you get squared away.

What kinds of activities count toward the challenge?

Both running and walking are allowed in the Run The Year® Challenge. Since this is a personal challenge, ask yourself what YOUR rules will be.

For some, the challenge comes from only counting intentional exercise. Others count their daily steps toward their total miles.

Everyone’s challenge will be different, so we ask that you respect other participants’ decisions about their challenge.

How do I log my miles manually?

All you need to do is log into our lightweight, web-based tracker to enter your miles. You can enter the challenge at any point during the year. You can also log the previous day, week, or month’s miles after the fact.

How do I get my Garmin, Fitbit or Strava to sync with the tracker?

Log in, then go to the “Admin” tab. Choose “Sync Device,” and you’ll see the sync options for Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava.

Can I use my Apple Watch and sync to the Tracker?

Yes. There are a couple ways to use your Apple Watch with this challenge. Both ways require you to set up a FREE Strava account and sync your watch to Strava.  You can then sync Strava to our Tracker and BOOM your miles will come through automatically. There is a video tutorial in the tracker that will show you how to set this up.

I ordered a challenge package that includes gear, but I haven’t received it yet.

2019 Gear will be shipping out the first week in January!

We ship everything out as quickly as possible as soon as the challenge starts.

Can my dog/cat/parrot/beaver do the challenge with me?

Yes! And we’re going to need some photos. ?