Adam Goucher
Co-Founder / Official Nit Picker / Attention Deficit Executive

Hobbies: Running, Obsessive Home Construction, Cat Videos


Virginia Furze
Design Unicorn / Director of Sass / Shipping Sheriff

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Biking, Cat Videos


Tim Catalano
Co-Founder / Head Stress Bucket / President of Puns

Hobbies: Running, Disc Golf, Cat Videos



Emily Scraggs
Social Media Swashbuckler / Professor of All Things Weird / Professional Cat Petter

Hobbies: Swimming, Sneeze Stifling, Cat Videos


Briana Boehmer
COO / Queen of Wizardry / Technology Ninja

Hobbies: Triathlon, Coffee Drinking, Cat Videos


Cindy Edgar
Mayor of Human Resources / President of Parenting 

Hobbies: Hiking, Cat Videos


Pawel Osiczko
CTO / New Kid On The Block / Creator of Magic

Hobbies: All Things Fitness, Family, Cat Videos



Taya Catalano
Chief Puppy / President of Belly Rubs / Official Treat Delegator

Hobbies: Bounding Through Grass, Smiling at Adam and Tim, Cat Videos