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Warning: The Fitness Challenges on this website are highly addictive and good for your health. Proceed with caution.

Run the Edge Fitness Challenges - How it Works

Four Steps to Start Your Challenge

1. Pick Your Virtual Challenge

Our virtual fitness challenges are more than one day events. They are all custom-designed to keep you motivated and moving to make fitness a habit you will never want to break! Each challenge comes with tools to help you track you miles and swag to celebrate the journey.

2. Build Your Team or Community

Every experience is better when shared! You can create teams in the RTE tracker to divide the miles and conquer the miles together. You can finish the challenge as a team and keep going as an individual to see how far you can go! 
Run the Edge - What's is the best Virtual Fitness Challenge for you
Run The Edge Tracker

3. Monitor Your Progress

All of your challenges live in the easy to use RTE Tracker. Monitor your progress to see your fitness journey in action. Create teams, follow friends and team members, earn badges, see your stats and so much more. Sync with your Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Strava, or manually enter your miles.

4. Showcase Your Journey

Bask in the glory of your achievements! It is ok to brag a little both during the journey with digital badges and interactive medals, AND of course at the end when you cross that virtual finish line!
Run the Edge Fitness Challenges - Run the Year 2023 Medals with Hannah

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What are people saying?

Each year keeps getting better, but the Love - Compassion - Kindness - Caring - Generosity - (and my favorite) Making a difference by truly making this world a better place and Giving back to the community .... that has always stayed the same! That is what sets Run the Edge apart from the other groups/challenges…

Jamie and Tyler | 4 + 3 year participants


This is the most legit challenge group, and COMPANY, I’m involved with. There are so many run challenge companies that aren’t the same, who take advantage of us, and present legitimate scams... we appreciate the ones that don’t. And that’s you!

Melinda Pontruff | 3 year participant
Over the years, since 2015, I have become friends, in person and online, with some amazing people including the team at Run the Edge who have welcomed my wife and me to their offices multiple times…Thank you, Run The Edge, for creating these challenges!!!
Jason Tregler | 8-year participant