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2023 Miles in 2023 Challenge

Run, Walk, Crawl 2023 miles in 2023. Try it solo or divide the miles with a team!

Start Today And Count Your Miles From January 1st

The Amerithon Challenge

Exercise Across America Without Ever Leaving Your Neighborhood!

Earn Miles Running, Walking, or Biking To Virtually Travel Across The United States.

The Hero's Journey June 2023

Take on 12 Quests To Become The Hero In This Epic Fitness Journey!

30 Days To Complete 12 Fitness Challenges

July 2023 STREAKER Challenge

How Many Days In A Row Can You Exercise In July?

Start Your Exercise STREAK And Make Fitness A Habit!

The Jogle Challenge

Earn Miles Running, Walking, or Biking To Move Virtually Across The UK.

Exercise Across England Without Ever Leaving Your Neighborhood!

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Run the Year 2022: My progress so far

By Danielle • Yesterday at 8:24 PM

I LOVE the Run the Year challenge. This is my 4th year participating. I can do much better than I have and I’m working on meeting higher goals.

What our participants are saying

Over the years, since 2015, I have become friends, in person and online, with some amazing people including the team at Run the Edge who have welcomed my wife and me to their offices multiple times…Thank you, Run The Edge, for creating these challenges!!!

Jason Tregler, 8-year participant

The RTE Team keeps me in their fold: They have HEART. They are caring and want everyone to get out there and walk, run, and exercise at any distance, in any way. They answer emails, solve technical problems, and are there for support. Always….

Marilyn Seiber, 6-year participant

My 33 years of running have been accentuated by the Team at “Run The Edge”! The challenges that they have designed since 2015, have given me added motivation…I have had my share of getting into a rut. When this happens, I am spurred on by one of my many Run The Edge Challenges! 

Marilyn Simmons Bowe, 8-year participant

This is the most legit challenge group, and COMPANY, I’m involved with. We have patience for you because we know you’re doing the right things. There are so many run challenge companies that aren’t, who take advantage of us and present legitimate scams... we appreciate the ones that don’t. And that’s you!

Melinda Pontruff, 3-year participant

…Each year keeps getting better, but the Love - Compassion - Kindness - Caring - Generosity - (and my favorite) Making a difference by truly making this world a better place and Giving back to the community .... that has always stayed the same! That is what sets Run the Edge apart from the other groups/challenges…

Jamie and Tyler, 4 & 3 year participant

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