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RTE's Favorite Places To Visit In Boulder

RTE's Favorite Places To Visit In Boulder - Virtual Fitness Challenge Blog | Run The Edge

We at Run The Edge could not have found a better town for our business. We are perpetually steeped in the natural beauty and local weirdness of which Boulder is so proud, and we like to think that the location of our headquarters plays a significant role in who we are as a company. Full of athletes, students, and adventurers, what better place is there for a virtual fitness company that prides itself on being a little out-there? We know how lucky we are to be here, and we wanted to share of few of our favorite places to eat, exercise, and enjoy life. In our opinion, these are the places that you simply have to see if you're planning a visit or passing through our beloved city! Read on for some (slightly boastful) descriptions of the RTE Team's must-see locations.

  1. Wonderland Lake - This hidden gem is tucked away against the foothills in North Boulder and offers its visitors calm, serenity, and very few hills. Take a walk around the small but beautiful lake and enjoy views of the foothills. Or if you really DO want hills, follow the trail north up a steep incline to a neighboring trail system that can take you right up into some great inclines! Located near plenty of quaint dining spots and cafés, Wonderland Lake is a perfect way to explore a quieter part of Boulder!
  2. Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery - Just across Broadway from Wonderland Lake, Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery serves up some of the best of Boulder’s cakes, bread, pastries, and other sweet treats! They also do a roaring trade in some truly amazing ice cream, if you’re into that (and who isn’t)! Everything is made in-house and in small batches, so no matter your craving, you can’t go wrong with this sweet spot!
  3. Dushanbe Tea House - A gift from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Boulder’s sister city, the Dushanbe Tea House displays architecture and design from over 40 of the country’s highly skilled artisan woodcarvers. The Tea House stands as an example of artistic traditions that have persisted for over two millennia and brings the colors and flavors of an ancient culture right into the heart of Boulder. Enjoy a wide variety of teas and refreshments from the other side of the world, including a full-service Afternoon Tea, along the banks of Boulder Creek mere steps away from downtown Boulder! Just don’t become so distracted by the cuisine that you forget to look up! 
     Photo credit: boulderteahouse.com
  4. Boxcar and Cured - This downtown café and boulangerie is a preferred coffee spot of several of the RTE team! You can grab a cappuccino from Boxcar Coffee Roasters then pick up a Cured picnic basket without making a dent in your step count. If you have the time, sit down and enjoy a latte with one of Cured’s fresh-made sandwiches in the trendy brick-walled interior. The assortment of handmade pastries on one side and fancy cheeses on the other will keep your eyes and taste buds occupied as you explore eastern Pearl Street! 
  5. Sweet Cow Ice Cream - Did you know that cows have best friends? Ours is the Sweet Cow! This local ice cream joint has kept Colorado cool since it first opened in Louisville in 2010. Sweet Cow now has two locations in Boulder and several others around the state! This moo-licious joint keeps us coming back for more with rotating flavors and roaming Moomobile that brings the sweetness right into the neighborhoods! Check out their unique flavors and bovine charm if you’re ever in Colorado!
  6. Trident Booksellers and Café - Boulder is a college town, and Trident has been a favorite haunt of students, intellectuals, and thinkers for over four decades. This independent conjoined café and bookstore offers a quiet place to think and drink (coffee and tea, of course) by day and live music on the patio by night! Spacious yet cosy, Trident is a staple on the west end of Pearl Street pedestrian mall. Whether you seek ethically sourced coffee and tea, or tomes of poetry, Trident has what you’re looking for!
  7. Glacier Ice Cream and Gelato - By now you’ve probably noticed that Boulder loves its ice cream, and Glacier is a testament to that. Since its inception in 2001, Glacier’s culinary experts have created over a thousand unique flavors, at least 70 of which are available at any time in their shops! If you’ve perused all the options, make sure to pay attention to the funky hand-painted murals on their walls to really absorb the Colorado spirit. Swing by for a sorbet, ice cream, gelato, shake, or sundae to keep you going as you enjoy our quirky town. Photo credit: glaciericecream.com
  8. Pearl Street Historic District - The land on which downtown Boulder sits has been a bustling place for Colorado pioneers since the end of the 19th century, but Pearl Street Mall as we know it was only created in 1977. Local government has worked hard to preserve the history of Boulder and protect buildings that were constructed there as early as the 1870s. Pearl Street was once Boulder’s main business district and still carries on that legacy. The red brick of the pedestrian mall spans four blocks and boasts a plethora of independent shops that have sculpted Boulder’s culture and aesthetic for many decades. If you’re visiting Boulder, it is a treat to stroll down the mall while enjoying the mountain views, curious storefronts, and unique population for which is known and loved by locals.
  9. Boulder Bookstore - The Boulder Book Store is a favorite among locals not only for its huge selection of new and used books, but also its provocative literary events and truly amazing assortment of artisanal chocolates. Founded in 1973, this independent bookstore has become an absolute fixture in Boulder. The 20,000 square feet that it occupies is steeped in historic charm, and any bibliophile will find themselves happily lost among the 100,000 or so titles enclosed within its walls. If you are a lover of the written word, the Boulder Book Store should be on the top of your list of sites to visit! ⁠
  10. Chautauqua Park - Say hello to Boulder's worst-kept secret, Chautauqua Park. Nestled in the shadow of the famous Flatirons, this gorgeous park and trail system offers a multitude of hikes, views, picnic spots, and a swanky dining hall where you can enjoy great food and live music! A natural gem of Boulder, Chautauqua Park has been a gathering place for its inhabitants for generations. Definitely a must-see if you find yourself in our neck of the woods! ⁠


We all know that you’re really in Boulder to see… US! Our offices are located on the west end of Walnut Street in a cute little business park that we have explored during many lunchtime walks. While we’re not exactly a storefront, RTE HQ is where the magic happens. This office space is our brainstorming fortress, warehouse, meeting place, and fulfillment center, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our trusty headquarters to keep us anchored. Let us know if you’re in town and we would love to give you a (very short) tour!
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